Barony of the Middle Marches
Middle Kingdom | Society for Creative Anachronism


The Middle Marches Baron and Baroness are empowered by the Crown to recognize members of their populace of their achievements in the Society. This formal process is to acknowledge and recognize the skills and contributions of members of the Society, showing respect for their hard work and efforts.

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Youth Awards

In almost every respect, the future of the SCA depends on our efforts now to encourage the activity of youth members, and to provide them with a fun, educational environment in which to grow as both people and members of the SCA. These awards are not intended to take the place of our other awards for service, arts and sciences, and martial activity, but rather are meant to recognize the joy in a child’s eyes when they learn or do something new and exciting.

Arts and Sciences Awards

Of the three main pursuits in SCA, Arts and Sciences can sometimes seem the most vague, as they cover such a broad range of studies and practices, but it is important to remember that the Arts and Sciences are absolutely everywhere we look in the SCA. From the clothes we wear, to the tools we use, the food we eat, and the scrolls we receive are all the result learning the medieval Arts and Sciences. These awards are designed to recognize the efforts of the members of our Barony to expand our understanding and enjoyment of these modern Middle Ages.

Martial Awards

The pursuit of martial perfection is at the same time one of the most widely recognized and yet most elusive pursuits in our Society. Martial activities such as armored combat, rapier fighting, archery, and thrown weapons seek to emulate similar activities from the Middle Ages. Just as excellence in those pursuits was awarded in period, these awards are meant to recognize the efforts of those in our barony who participate in the arts martial.

Service Awards

Service in the Society is often a field of unsung heroes. Service can mean anything from helping to carry a jug of water to assisting with event activities to holding offices that allow our Society to function. These awards are intended to recognize those unsung heroes in our Barony that work behind the scenes providing everyone else with the Dream.

Special Awards

These awards are special awards that the Baron and Baroness give to individuals they feel are deserving.